Why We Pray
by Charles F. Stanley

One of the truest things about prayer is the fact that it reveals God's delight for us. We pray and in doing so discover that we are not alone.

God is our refuge and "very present help" (Psalm 46:1).

Just like Abraham, we are friends of God. And it is our prayers that usher us into His throne room where we receive wisdom, hope, encouragement, and healing for our souls.

Picture a loving father seeing his child enter his study. It is obvious from the look on the child's face that something urgent has taken place.

Laying aside what he is doing, the father draws near to the child to listen. Another time, the child enters with a look of devotion on his face. He or she wants no more than to rest or play near his father's feet. This is how God views us as we enter His chamber.

It is through prayer that we can express our hopes and dreams to a loving God who wants the very best for us. Prayer is also the means through which we recount our hurts, fears, frustrations, and sorrows. Even though God knows the impact each of these have on our lives, prayer helps US to understand how willing He is to listen. It teaches us to trust ~ to take His hand when we feel powerless and alone.

In times of prayer, we worship the Lord and honor Him with our lives. Devotion is essential. Oswald Chambers writes: "Think of the last thing you prayed about ~ were you devoted to your desire or to God? Determined to get some gift of the Spirit or to get at God? 'Your heavenly Father knoweth what thing ye have need of before you ask Him.' The point of (prayer) is that you may get to know God better!"

Each of us has needs; the one sure way to have these met is through prayer. But be prepared: In answering your prayers, God may chose to provide something much richer and much more valuable than any earthly desire. He may give you an even greater sense of His love and presence.

Intimacy with the God of the universe ~ would you turn this opportunity down?

By Charles F. Stanley
In Touch Ministries, Inc.
e-mail: magazine@intouch.org

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