Star trek sites

Here you go, Trekkies! A whole page of Star Trek links! I'll keep adding more as I find them, so check back once in a while!

Trek For Christ Home Page

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Vidiot's Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Web Page

Vidiot's Star Trek: Voyager Web Page

Star Trek: WWW

Star Trek: Other Star Trek/Sci-Fi Sites

The Daily Star Trek (TNG) Test
How well do you really know ST: TNG?


The Q Continuum

Holodeck 3 [programmed by Rob Chen]


The Klingon Language Institute

You Have Just Been Assimilated By The Collective

Got a Star Trek site? Or do you know of one that isn't here? I'm always looking for more! Use the button below, and tell me about it!


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