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With the year 2000 rapidly approaching, many people are starting to think about the future. What do you think will happen in the world during the next 10 years?

(Replies with ** by them are answers to the same question from the prophecy survey. Replies are not altered in any way other then spelling or minor changes for clarification. The content of your answers will not be changed. Answers with vulgarity or profanity will not be printed. )

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Maureen: I believe that the world as we know it will not be, and that all of the believers will be with Jesus. What an exciting time!

** Susan: I have already watched things deteriorate over the last five years. The weather has gotten wierder, groups of people are being taken in extreme situations, and the situation in Israel just keeps following what the Prophets have outlined. I think things will continue on this downward spiral until the antichrist shows his face, and then . . .

** hammer1952: We will see the rise of the final antichrist to power by 2000.

** anonymous: Unsure. Only God knows.

** Ferd42: Although the Bible is clear that no one knows the day, nor the hour of Christ's return, I believe that there will be many evidences. A major one will be the re-building of the Jewish Temple on the Dome of the Rock. Then I think we will see the beginning of other interesting things: earthquakes, floods, famines, etc. . . .

** Rafael: I believe the United States is going to lose political power because of domestic terrorism, scandals, racial and religious fights, etc. and the world will look to the European nations as a more stable source of power. I don't say the United States will just dissapear from the map, but that its role will be diminished. Also, we already see the development of the Antichrist's dominion over the world and the creation of a Universal Church let by the False Prophet.

** Dana: That's a good question. I believe it will become harder and harder for Christians to express their religion, even in the U.S. Persecution will run rampant, but more witnessing will be done than ever before. Sin will escalate, and suffering will too.

** anonymous: Well, I personally feel that even though peace throughout this world is strongly pursued, it will venture farther from our grasp. With all the many viewpoints represented across the world from many nations, it has been, and will be, difficult to establish peace and trust between all nations. I feel that many of the wars occurring in the middle eastern countries, as well as others, will unfortunately continue . I think that if another major war does occur in the next ten years, the U.S. will have a major involvement in some way or another. At this point in time (according to many sources), the U.S. is considered one of the most influential countries, as far as politics are concerned. So, basically, what I see in the next ten years is that wars between the smaller countries will persist. Also, I see that the U.S. will still have many of its own problems to deal with, such as the wars against AIDS, drug use, violence, and, yes, the many problems with the way the government operates. Not to make you feel that the future holds nothing but problems, but that we cannot ignore what will or will not happen.

Shane: I think we will see a continued move toward globalism, as people around the Earth begin to embrace the New World Order and itís authoritarian tendencies. However, in the United States, I think we will see a new movement of liberty emerge which will attempt to counter globalism. There will be potential for conflict between the two, especially within America. However, I think it is highly probable that this new trend away from globalism, toward national and individual liberty, will gain popularity. With any luck the United States will enter into to 21st. century as "One nation under God" instead of "One nation under the U.N."

** mommaknucks: Things will continue to worsen, lawlessness will continue to rage out of control, the saints of the Lord will continue to burn with love, and continue to become strengthened and prepared for the great and glorious Day of the Lord! I think Christians are going to feel a burning hunger to have strong fellowship with the Lord. This will carry us through when the times of the end are at hand, and we are required to rely totally on our faith . . . At this point many don't seem to burn with the fire of the Lord . . . I think this will change as every Christian who knows God's Word opens their eyes, and becomes aware of the warning to not sleep!

** Rick: Hasta la bye-bye!

** Steve: Russia will invade Israel and the Great Tribulation will start.

** Randy: Only God knows.

** Amy: Probably (hopefully) the saints will be raptured and then will come the tribulation.

** anonymous: Great awakening (old line churched will see new life/revival.) Peoples' hearts will wax cold. Believers will fall away and believe a lie (i.e. you don't need to be saved). Miracles will become commonplace in Jesus' name.

** Ashley: We'll continue to live our lives as we are now until God decides otherwise.

** vernunft: A better class of people will become Christians - that is: those who will not hurt other people, or threaten them, or kill abortion doctors, or threaten to kill each other, or pray for the death of government officials, and so forth. Ten years from now, maybe we can get rid of the Fundamentalists, and return to the sanity of main-stream Christianity.

** anonymous: I think that society will progressively get worse. The U.S. will lose its status as a world power, and many people will begin to sell out to beliefs and deeds that they never before believed they would. Eventually, another European nation will assume power over the U.S., and the antichrist will enter the temple and declare himself to be God. Hopefully, before that time, Jesus will have descended to the clouds and snatched us up to be with Him.

** Aretey: I believe that sometime in this next ten years we will see Jesus return to gather His own. I also think there will are a lot of Christians that will be standing with egg on their faces because they haven't been looking. The Word tells us to watch and be ready (i.e. the five foolish virgins [Matt. 25:1-13, Dave]) They were "Christians," but were not watching, nor prepared for the Bridegroom.

** Rita: More of what has happened during the last ten.

** Kathy: The stage for the antichrist to be ushered in will be set, but my personal feeling is that it will stretch out longer than 10 years. I use the scripture which says (paraphrased): "and people will say, "Oh, things go on as they always have" to back up why I believe it will be an extended time, even when some key things happen.

** Michael: I'm not sure. I don't have a Bible handy. But personally, I think that it is definitely going to get worse.

** Ann: About the same thing as in the last 10 years, except more of it. More greed, corruption, and foolishness.

** N.D.C.: Death and sickness to all if pollution is not taken care of.

** John: The Church will continue on it's downward fall until it realizes its sin, and returns stronger, to embody the power it is supposed to have. Hopefully sooner than later.

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