Prophecy survey results

Here are the results of the survey so far. I've only shown the results of the multiple choice questions, since there are as many different opinions on what will happen in the next 10 years and the role the U.S. will play as there are people on earth!

(These results reflect the opinions of 193 people so far.)

What is your religion or belief system?

Do you believe we are in (or about to enter) the "last days" or "end times" foretold in prophecy?

If you answered yes, what role (if any) do you believe the U.S. will play in the end times?

What is your belief on the "Rapture theory?"

How much do you think we should focus on prophecy in our religious studies?

How important is studying end-time prophecy to you?

If you do study prophecy, what sources do you rely on?
(Because many people use more than one source for their studies, these numbers will add up to more than 100%. These answers reflect only those people who stated that they do study prophecy at least occasionally, or have in the past.)

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