Tell me about your prophetic beliefs

I would appreciate it very much if you would fill out this survey. I'm very interested in what the people who are viewing my page believe. There is a space at the bottom for your name, e-mail, and homepage. However, these are optional, and can be left blank if you would rather remain anonymous. Afterwards, you can see how others before you have answered. Thank you.

1. What is your religion or belief system? Choose one.
Other (Please specify)

2. Do you believe we are in (or about to enter) the "last days?" Yes No (If "no," please go to question #4.)

3. If "yes," what role (if any) do you believe the United States will play in the end times?
Major role Minor role No role at all for U.S. No opinion
Why? (optional)

4. What is your belief on the "Rapture theory?"
Pre-Tribulation rapture
Mid-Tribulation rapture
Post-Tribulation rapture
Pre-Wrath rapture
Partial Rapture
I don't believe the Rapture is Biblically supported.
My religion doesn't have a "Rapture theory."
No opinion

5. According to your religion (or lack thereof), what do you believe will happen in the next 10 years?

6. How much do you think we should focus on prophecy in our religious studies?
A lot
About half
A little
Not at all

7. How important is studying end-time prophecy to you?
Very important
Fairly important
A little important
Not important at all

8. If you do study prophecy, what sources do you rely on? (check all that apply)
Bible Edgar Cayce Nostradamus Psychics Mayan prophecy
Great pyramid timeline Native American prophecy
The Holy Writings of my religion (please specify).

(I apologize for not being familiar with the religious writings of other faiths. Dave)

Other prophecy sources (please specify).

Any additional comments?

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