Praise Reports!

Below is a list of praise reports I have received from different people. These may be prayer requests that have been posted on these pages, or prayers that have been answered in people's lives who never submitted their requests to the Prayer Room.

Either way, this page is a witness and a testimony that, no matter what skeptics may say, God DOES answer prayers!

If you have a praise report about something God has done for you or someone you know, please go to the Prayer Room and let us know so we can share your good news with others!

I requested prayers recently for David, suffering from what the doctors were diagnosing as terminal brain cancer. He had surgery last week (only one doctor in all the U.S. was even willing to perform) and they were able to remove 85% of the tumor. This is a true miracle, since no one thought he would even survive this surgery. He's now up and out of the hospital. Praise God. Thank you for this miracle.

No name given. I believe that the last sentence is directed towards the Lord, since He was the one who provided the miracle, not any of the intercessors. Thank You Lord!!

I was looking on your "Christian Encouragement" web page and saw the poem that Leslie had used to answer the 1997. I have been feeling very discouraged lately and too had asked the Lord "why are You so slow?" The poem helped me to realize it's time for me to let go and leave the Lord in peace to work alone for only He can do all things.

It also made me realize that it's time for me to go back to church and Christ. Amen.

No name given, but I'm sure Leslie will be very happy to know that her answer is still helping others. :-)

Back on April 13, 1998 I asked for prayer because of my husband and family matters. In 2 of our fights (words only) my husband made the remark that maybe he should go speak to the pastor of my church, so last Wednesday (5/13/98) I could not take any more and I went and talked to the pastor after prayer meeting and told him what was going on. I was crying and my body was shaking very badly.
We (the pastor and I) agreed that he needed to talk to my husband before he could help us. So he said that he would call my husband on Friday morning (my husband knew that I was talking to my pastor). My husband was not home on Friday. So yesterday I set a time for today (Monday), for the two of them to meet (again my husband knew I was doing this). They did meet this morning, and my husband has been saved! PRAISE THE LORD!

I know that we still have a long, hard road ahead of us, but it is a start to recovery. So even though this is a praise report, please continue to pray for us, that my husband will not back out, and that he will continue to learn about the Lord.

Thank you so very much.
Name withheld upon request

I requested prayer for my son,Wes, who came down with Bell Palsey. I asked for prayer on March 30th. Four weeks later Wes has been healed. The Bell Palsey went away as quickly as it appeared. I wish to thank all who prayed for Wes and especially God for the healing.

Wes's mom, Belle

Last week I asked that you pray for my parents. That my dad would beable to retire this week and move to louisiana with me and my family, because of a possible stroke.I just talked to my mom, and she said that my dad went to the doctor and that he did not have a stroke. It was stress related.He will retire on November 20, 1997, and then they will move to louisiana with me and my family.

I want to thank every one that prayed for my parents, it is not the answer I wanted, but I will accept the answer that the Lord has give me and be very happy with it.Please continue to pray for my parents, that they stay healthy and safe.

Again Thank you
Name withheld upon request

I was using alcohol and cocaine and pills, and requested help through prayer. I haven't used any alcohol or cocaine since. I am taking some pills for depression and a pinched nerve in my neck I have had over 20 years. Thank God and thank you


Just wanted to say thank you for praying with me for my many requests. God has touched my son Brian's life. God's hand of protection has been on him and he has provided blessings through people. Brian called to tell me he asked God to forgive his sins and that he is turning from the homosexual lifestyle. He has a temporary job, and I am believing that God will provide him a permanent job. PTL! Also, my other son, Stephen, has a job interview tomorrow. PTL! I am believing for a permanent job for him. God is so good. Again thank you for your prayers and please continue to believe that God will work out the problems in my children's lives.


I was on a chat line the other day, and this girl wanted to ask a few questions about God. So I asked her what was up, and she asked me about God's love. Today she stands firm in her belief in Jesus Christ!!!! She accepted Him as her personal Savior!! Amen!


Are you tired of Christians not taking a stand? Well if so, then visit the Christian Highschool Movement web site, and see a web-page of Christian teens who are not afraid to stand up, and even take persecution in their own schools. Maybe add a link from your page, go to the chat room, or post in the bulletin board. Maybe you even know a teen that may be interested in starting a CHM in his or her own school. You can find it all at

In Christ, Daniel (CHM Administrator of the Press)

I praise God every day for this club.

I just want to thank the Lord for being with us in our travels. We just moved from Japan with two children and a dog, and everything went perfect. Thank you, Lord. Please keep blessing our family.

Name withheld upon request

Thank you SO much for praying for my husband, at my request via the internet. But, I guess that I wanted something to happen and God had other plans. I wanted my husband's heart cath test to be negative and no surgery. God's plans were otherwise, and He had His hand in it the whole way.

Briefly, this is the scenerio: Heart cath was Mon at 9 am. A fatal heart condition was found (a blocked "widow maker" as it is called. It's the main artery that feeds all the coronary arteries.) Normally, there is no pain involved...he experienced pain for 4 days. God provided for a surgeon's second open-heart case of the day to be cancelled, so he could do my husband. Surgery started at 11:30 a.m. Monday. My husband (David) had a heart attack on the operating table, so the surgeon had another place to fix. What a time to sustain damage, huh? Already opened, and on the by-pass machine. God Is Awesome....and He had a plan. Normally, the "widow maker" has no pain involved. That is why some people drop dead of a heart attack, out of the blue. David had pain..probably from the area of the heart that had an attack on the operating table. Thank you God!!! David will recover and do fine, I just know it. Please praise God for revealing His way to us. I appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much!

Name withheld upon request

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