dwkeys2, Mrs. dwkeys2, and baby dwkeys2
(In other words, Dave, Shannon, and Megan.)

First, the family shot

I don't have the beard anymore, just a mustache. Well...actually I don't have the mustache anymore either. Not since "the accident." I had an unfortunate encounter with a beard trimmer and, well....I just can't talk about it! It's too painful!! hehehe Needless to say, the mustache will return!

And, since Shannon isn't really crazy about that picture, here's one that I like,
Miss Bliss!

And now for the star of our show!!


Four months old. Look at the look in those eyes! We knew we were in trouble right then and there!

...........And our little princess today.

OK, all you Harpazolians!! (Harpazites?) It's your turn! Let's see some of those mugs!! Can't wait! hehehe


The Armory