Message from Dave
(September 16, 1997)

Some of you may have noticed that a couple of the features at The Armory and Hillbilly Dave's have not been updated lately. Due to my family's current financial situation, I have recently had to take a second job in the evenings in addition to my regular day job. Between the two, I am working an average of 72 hours each week. This, coupled with helping to raise our 10-month-old daughter (as of 9/28/97), has placed serious limits on the time I am able to devote to my pages.

Therefore, I must regretfully place my internet pages "on hold" for now. For any first time visitors, I hope you've enjoyed browsing through my modest efforts. For any repeat visitors, thank you for your internet "patronage." I'm glad you found my pages worth a return visit. I thank the Lord that He has allowed me to serve Him in this small way with The Armory, and to, perhaps, bring a smile to a few faces with Hillbilly Dave's.

I don't know how long it will be before I can begin regular updates again. I will try to add a little here and there as time permits. I will do my best to keep the prayer request page at The Armory updated. However, "Chipping Away and Moral Decay" (The Armory), and "The Lighter Side of the News" (Hillbilly Dave's) will not be updated until our current situation changes. Only the Lord knows how long that might be.

Thank you once again for stopping by. God bless!

Dave Walker

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