This page is constantly under construction, since I will be adding papers as I write (or find) them. Go ahead and take a look at what I do have ready, and please come back again at a later date to check out some more!

List of Articles

Doctrinal and issue-related articles

Here is a list of some of the papers I have written so far. I feel that the Holy Spirit was guiding me writing them. You may disagree with some of my positions, and you have that right, however these papers represent what I believe the Spirit wanted to show me concerning various subjects. Check back occasionally, since I will be adding more as I feel the Spirit lead me to write about other topics.

Articles by other authors

These next papers are articles that I've found while checking out other Christian sites. These are remote links, so in order to come back to the library you will have to use your browser's "back" button.

Miscellaneous articles

These are stories (some fictional, some true), messages, and poems that I may have written, or found, or that were sent to me. They can be uplifting, inspiring, or thought-provoking. Some will be within this site, others may be remote links, so you may have to use your browsers "back" button to return to the library. I'll be adding more as I find them. If you know of a piece you would like to see here, let me know!


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