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Fer any first time visitors to my page: I'm Hillbilly Dave, and I shore am pleased that you decided to stop by! Kick off your shoes and sit a spell! We got somethin' fer everyone! Well, almost everyone. I been doin' a bit of rearrangin' lately. I shore hope y'all like it!
Fer anyone's been here before: Welcome back! It's good t'see ya agin! As you can see (or will see), I've changed things around a bit. If you're lookin' fer the parts on Christian issues, just go to "The Armory." But don't ferget to check out the stuff on this page too!
So, grab a stick and start ta whitlin' and enjoy my page! I'd be much obliged if you'd excuse my pore speakin' skills. My pappy always said if we could put my brains in a hoot owl, it'd fly back'ards! (What do you reckon he meant by that? Hmmm. I'll have to ponder on it.) Whilst I'm a ponderin . . . Hey! Hey!! *Let me out!* Wait just a danged minute, I ain't through yet! *Yes, you are* No I ain't! I . . .

Aargh! *grunt* *pant* Ugh! Excuse me! Sometimes the hillbilly in me overpowers my brain and gets loose! *It ain't yore brain, it's mine! Yore just that smarty pants feller I have to share it with!* [Quiet, you!] *Yer gettin' too big for yer britches!* [swift mental kick]*Ow!!!* [Heh! Heh!] It's O.K. now. I think I've got him under control again. So let me welcome you to MY *You think!* home page. I hope you like it. Please look it over and let me know what you think so far! I'd love to hear your opinions and/or any suggestions you might have!

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.The Lighter Side of the News
Not exactly the headlines. Updated 7/25
Hillbilly Humor
Sit back
and have a laugh!
The Porch
Updates on us 'n our youngun! Updated 6/10
Who is Hillbilly Dave?
Who's behind this schizophrenic page?
Words o' Wisdom
Some writins
by yores truly!
They's only a few now, but I'm a-hopin' fer more!

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The Armory: Put on the whole armor of God


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Well, now! I reckon I've had about visits to this here page so far! Ain't that a pickle!

Text graphics were made with the help of Pixelsight.I love this place!

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