A Word from the Pastor
    Welcome to Summit City Community Church!  We are so glad that you have chosen to worship with us.  We are a group of real people from various walks of life, various ages and diverse spiritual backgrounds:
  • People who have never been involved in church
  • People who have not attended church since they were a child or youth
  • Parents concerned about their children's spiritual development
  • Skeptics and seekers investigating Jesus Christ and Christianity
  • Christians committed to growing spiritually.
    Our "tag" line says that Summit City is where ministry and family go hand-in-hand.  And that is exactly our focus.  Once you enter the door our goal is to show you that we are all the same.  We are all loved by God and He desires to see us truly enjoy Him on a daily basis.  You will also find that we believe in a community where people are loved and accepted just as they are and encouraged to become more than they are.  And, we hope that during your experience here, you will meet and experience Christ in new and meaningful ways.
Ministering as we go,
Rodger Wheeler