Friends, Family, and Favorites
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Here's a list of places you might want to visit. Some are friends, some are family, and the rest are links that I either like to visit or where I found things (graphics, backgrounds, MIDI files, etc.) that I've used on my pages.

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Friends and Family

It's a Boopish type of page . . . so smile!
My dear sister-in-law, Betty. A little crazy, but a sweeter person you'll never meet (except for our baby daughter, Megan!). Very strong in her walk with Christ, too! Go check out her testimony! And find out about my brother (Rick), nephew (Josh), and niece (Kori).

Shane and Penny's Home Page
A couple of good friends, who are also strong in the Lord. Shane's the teacher in our home Bible study, and a guns-a-blazin' Libertarian! Penny's an interpreter for the deaf. If you go, be sure to enter "The Forum."

Here's a friend from WBS (see below). A very colorful homepage, with a very good testimony and message for you. Go check it out!

On Fire 4 the Lord
Another friend from WBS. This is an excellent site with an even more excellent message! Alas, however, the mouse has been lost! (You should've seen it! It was hilarious!)

Favorites: A little bit of everything.

THE Gospel--1 Corinthians 15:1-11
This site is so good I'm almost jealous! You've should really see this one!
(Thanks to Wren33 from WBS for telling me about it!)

Project Agape
Feel like doing more for Christ, but you're not sure how? Check this out!

Banner HotSwap
Rotating banner exchange program (like Internet Link Exchange), but only for Christian and family-oriented pages. Get your page advertised for free!

You've Got To Have Heart
If you or someone you know has just lost a child, you need to see this page!

This Day in History
Find out what happened today in history, or pick a date and find out what happened then! Fun thing to do for someone's birthday!

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Only 10 questions. Are you left, right, or center? Find out now!

Tripod: Tools for Life
It's free! So sign up and get a free homepage! If you get a premium membership, you can even have a chat room of your very own!

NewsPage Stock Quotes
If you've got stock, or are interested in a certain stock, and would like a place where you can check on it, here it is! Updated every 15 minutes.

Over the Rainbow with Ken and Janet's family
Some excellent pages, you'll find something for everyone here.

Kol's Korner
If you can't find what you need for your homepage at the sites below, check out Kol's list of links. Also links to humorous sites, or sites to help you deal with depression.

Oneliners and proverbs
Witty sayings that will give you a laugh, and often make you stop and think!

$$ Welcome and Enjoy Playing Riddler's Games $$
Lots of fun and games. Play alone or against someone else! It's free to join, and you can win REAL prizes! You'll need a JAVA enabled browser. And what a coincidence....\/

SneakerChat Java Physical
....You say you don't know if your browser is JAVA-enabled, and you don't know how to find out? Well, here's your spot!

A mile of links to dozens of games on the web. Some for fun, some for prizes!

WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS)
Dozens of chat rooms to choose from. Sign up, and start making new friends! This is where I spend a lot of my time in the evenings. Come on in and visit! I'm usually in one of the "Christian Chat" rooms under the handle "dwkeys."

Global Christian Network
Fun site! Christian chat rooms and more!

IQ Tests on the WWW
How much do you REALLY know? About politics? How about artichokes? Personality profile tests too!

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Send animated greeting cards for a variety of reasons! Say "I love you" or just say,"Hi!"

Christian Home Pages
(For more extensive Christian web sites, go to my Prophecy and Other Christian links page.)

Project Agape
Yes, I know it's listed twice. I think it's worth it! Check it out and see why!

Intercessor's "Prayer Warrior Page"
Thoroughly faith-filled and inspirational. Scriptures every prayer warrior should know. Takes a while to load, but it's worth the wait.

Touch of the Master's Hand
This is JoEllen's first home page. I think she's got a very good start. Check back from time to time to see new additions.

Lori's Home Page & Biblical Prophecy Studies
Lori has a VERY good study of the book of Daniel on her page. If you're interested in Daniel's prophecies, be sure to take a look!

Jay's Christian Home Page
Jay's got some good articles on his page! There's not that many yet, but what he lacks in quantity he more than makes up for in quality!

Bro. Doug's Revival Fire Teaching
Several well-written and fairly easy to understand articles.

Teens -4- Christ
A site FOR teens, maintained BY teens. If you're a teenager, or if you have children who are teenagers, you might want to check it out!

Lazyboy's Rest Stop
Lots of good stuff here!

Grant's Graceland Home Page
Here's a good site for Christian humor. Don't get offended, it's all in fun.

Reverend Fun
If you're like me and still like cartoons, this is a good place to visit. A new Christian oriented cartoon every day!

Shalom's Haven
This is a just the tip of the iceberg of Shalom's efforts. Lots of links to other good sites. Some maintained by Shalom and some by others.

Power of Prayer
This isn't a big site yet. But it will be! If you need prayer, or would like to hear (or give) testimonies of how God has answered prayers, this is your place!

The Prayer Room
Another site to visit if you need prayer, or if you'd like someone to pray for. If you're in need of prayer, go to this one AND Power of Prayer (above)

GGG123's Home Page
Here's a nice site. I just revisited it, and a LOT has been added! If you haven't been lately, be sure to take another look!

Christ in our Families, Relationships and Individual Lives
This site is still growing, but it already has lots of good stuff on it! Be sure to check back often for new material.

Why be a Christian in a world which believes otherwise?
Lot's of good answers to the basic questions.

Anointing Oil
Be sure to read the testimony! Amazing!

Chozens Home Page
Here's a faith-filled page with a good witness about healing. A great testimony to faith in the face of adversity.

Jesus Rulz
Nice page. Has good information on it, and growing! So check back from time to time.

Amazing Grace
Another good page. Presents the gospel nicely. To the point and scripturally supported.

Help with Web Pages

Graphics and backgrounds

A little bit of everything

MIDI music files

Sites to promote your web page
(There are more sites for webpage submission, but many of them submit the pages to the same directories and servers, so I only list a few here.)

Top of page

I'll be adding more sites as I find them, or as you suggest them. Come back and check again later!

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