Day 9

     I decided to get on the internet and see what the buzz was in some of the chat rooms and message boards. Man, talk about some whackos!! I’m starting to think that all the people that disappeared are actually sitting at home at their computers. I’ve never seen so much talk about religion in the chat rooms. Mainly they seem to be talking about Christianity and Jesus, with more talk about how Jesus came and took His people with Him. Then the other side would reply and call the Christian small-minded, bigoted, and ignorant for believing that. There were also the inevitable questions like the one asked of the man at the fountain: If this is true, why was the person saying it still here? Usually they gave the same reply, that they hadn’t taken it seriously until too late. Occasionally one Christian or another would say that they’d never heard the “gospel” (their word, not mine) until after the disappearances, when they had started looking for answers.
    I checked my e-mail and found the “box” flooded with letters about Christianity, the “last days”, and all sorts of other religious stuff. I was getting a headache trying to keep up with the messages flying back and forth in the chat room, so I logged off and decided to fix some supper. Tomorrow’s Sunday, so I think I’ll just stay in bed all day.

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