Day 8

     There are National Guard troops in the streets today. When I got home last night, I turned on the television just in time to catch the beginning of a broadcast from the United Nations. There was the head of the U.N. making an announcement with the leaders of the worlds major powers standing behind him . Because of the disappearances, a global emergency was being declared and world-wide martial law was being put into effect. I guess looting and rioting were starting up in parts of the world, including in parts of our country as well. I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner, but I guess everyone was in shock for a few days. Additionally, in order to determine exactly how many people had vanished, a world-wide census was going to be taken. He said that the people of the world would have thirty days to report to one of the census stations that would be set up by each country. There we would be given a universal I.D. number, which we would need to keep with us at all times, to prove our identity and the fact that we had registered.
     Because these were extreme times, he went on, extreme measures were necessary. We would never have a better time to eliminate the idea of national sovereignty in order to make way for a true global society, he claimed, so, effective immediately, all national borders were to be dissolved. In the interest of effective government, however, the world would be divided into ten regions, which would all be under one central authority, which was to be called the Earth Protectorate, or E.P. for short. He said that as soon as this press conference was over, the members of the U.N. would meet in an emergency session to set up the regions, and to elect E.P. officials, including a World President. Since there would no longer be individual nations, the U.N. would change it’s function to that of a World Congress, with each ambassador having one vote on matters of global law and government to represent the people of their former country.
     Additionally, he said, since a large segment of the world’s agricultural labor force seemed to be among the missing, we could probably expect to see food prices beginning to go up, at least until the missing workers could be replaced. He assured us, however, that both of these situations, martial law and rising prices were only temporary.
     So, I headed for the grocery store today, to stock up on provisions. I wasn’t the only one that had that idea, because the place was packed. I guess the store owner anticipated this reaction, because prices had already been jacked up on everything in the store. I had planned on getting about three week’s worth of food, but I ended up paying several hundred dollars for just enough to last me one week. Bread was five dollars a loaf! Milk was four dollars for a half-gallon container! When I mentioned this to the check out clerk, she just shrugged her shoulders and told me it was a good thing I came in when I did, because rumor had it that the prices were going to skyrocket even higher soon and there was also going to be a new E.P. tax imposed on any and all goods that were sold. Tomorrow I’m going back to try to stock up on soup and try and stretch out my supplies. That is, if they’ve got any left. The law of supply and demand is alive and well. I can vouch for that.

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