Day 6

      I called in to work again today. The books had me so bugged I didn't think I could concentrate on my job. I told my boss that I thought I would be in tomorrow, but I wasn't sure, and that I might end up using some vacation time and just take the rest of the week off. He thought I was just upset over the disappearances. He was only half right.
     During a marathon reading session last night, I finished both books. I don't like what I'm reading. They say we're now in, or about to enter, a period of time they call the Tribulation. Nice name, huh? According to the authors, the earth is going to have an initial period of peace, but by the end of this "Tribulation" we'll be experiencing hell on earth...literally. One says it'll last seven years, the other guy doesn't set a time frame. They said that the people here during this time will be subjected to an increasingly severe series of judgments, because we've rejected God. But how can that be? I mean, the preacher from my graduation is still here, and I know he was a good guy. I'm not sure I'm buying into this yet. Besides, what kind of a loving God would do this? Why not just give us some sign from heaven that He was around and meant what He said? This whole Tribulation thing seems a little vindictive if you ask me. I guess I'll head back to Randy's house and find some more books. Maybe they're home by now.

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