Day 34

     I finished the book. It was pretty short. I can’t believe that it would’ve been that easy. "Well", I thought, "it’s too late now."
     I decided to see what was on t.v. Again, my timing was just right, because a news conference was about to begin from E.P. headquarters in Europe. They were about to unveil their new “impossible-to-lose” I.D. system. I stood in front of the t.v. to watch as I drank some tea.
     The spokesman held up something that looked like a small grain of rice and announced that this was the new I.D. “Sure,” I thought, “no one’s gonna lose that. Right!”
     This question had obviously been anticipated, because the spokesman went on to explain that this was a tiny passive data storage device capable of holding all the information an individual would ever acquire in their lifetime. When held next to a laser scanner the information would be available to be read, updated, and new information could even be added, for the individuals entire life span. Power would be delivered to the device via very fine filament wires coming from both ends of it, extending no longer than one sixteenth of an inch.
     When one impatient reporter asked where this power was going to come from, the spokesman replied that it would come from the individuals own body. In response to the confused looks of the reporters, he explained that every human body generates a minute electrical current via the nervous system and brain. This tiny device will tap into this current by being implanted into either the right hand, or for people who do not have a right hand, it will be implanted into their forehead.
     He went on to say that putting the new program into place would take several months to a couple of years, but I barely heard him. As I heard him mention the I.D. being implanted into the right hand or forehead, my entire body went numb. My legs collapsed underneath me and I just sat there on the floor staring at the television set, unable to move. Then I let out a sob that seemed to come from my very soul, and began to cry right there sitting on the floor.
     I was crying for two reasons, both of them good. The first was that here, right in front of me, was another fulfillment of the things the Bible said would happen. Here was yet another proof that the Bible was what it claimed to be, which meant that God was who He claimed to be, and Jesus was who He claimed to be.
    The other reason I was crying was that I knew that this tiny device was the “mark” spoken of in Revelation, and I DIDN’T HAVE IT!!!!!
     There was still hope for me!!! I had read the book so I knew now what I had to do:

     Oh God! I know I’m a sinner now. I know that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the only thing that can save me. I’m sorry for my sins!! Please forgive me!! Take my life, God, and do with it what You will! I give my life to You if You will have me.

     Sitting right there on the floor, with the tears streaming down my face I prayed that prayer with my entire being.

    ***And I knew that He heard me.***

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