Day 31

     As if to confirm my fears, I had a dream last night. In this dream, I donít know where I was. All I know is that I was standing in a long line of people on the top of a hill. I looked behind me and saw that the line stretched out as far as I could see. I looked ahead and about a mile away, at the bottom of the hill, I could see a huge throne. The line of people went directly to the front of the throne.
    Even though it was a mile away, I could see everything at the front of the line as clearly as if I had extremely high-powered binoculars. To one side of the throne was a pit that looked as if it were filled with red-hot lava. There were flames and smoke coming up from it, and every so often I would see someone actually in there still alive! Even from where I was, I could feel the horror and despair emanating from it.
     On the opposite side of the throne was what seemed to be an entrance to somewhere. There was extremely bright light radiating from it so that the details inside were obscured. It was the brightest light Iíve ever seen, but it didnít hurt to look at it. And again, even from this distance, I could feel what was emanating from this place. An engulfing warmth. Not a burning heat, but a radiant warmth that warmed me to my very bones, and an overwhelming sense of peace, love, and joy were also coming from that place.
     The two places were as opposite as night and day, white and black, or whatever other pair of opposites you could think of.
     As each person in line approached the throne they would fall on their knees and bow their heads, without exception. As they knelt there, a tall being, I guess it was an angel, beside the throne would open a large book and look through it. After that, one of two things happened. Either the One on the throne would smile at the person before Him and indicate that they were to enter the light, or else He would get a look of sorrow on His face and point towards the pit. After I saw one enter the pit, I couldnít watch anymore whenever the One on the throne would point in that direction.
     As I stood in line, suddenly I knew which way I would be sent.
    Oh God!! Please!! What do I have to do? I was wrong! I don't want to go there!! Help me, God! I beg you!!! Please don't make me go there!!

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