Day 20

     This book is giving me a lot to think about. Iíve been taking it pretty slowly so that I can catch any inaccuracies, but so far I havenít been able to find anything to discredit what it says. That, in itself, is making me very uncomfortable. The thought that I couldíve been wrong for all these years doesnít sit very well with me, and the implications are giving me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think I need a break, but if everything Iím reading is true, I canít afford to waste any time.
     On the brighter side, the food distribution program is up and running, so at least I wonít starve to death. The new Terran church issued a statement praising the E.P.ís food distribution program as a major step toward restoring the dignity of the downtrodden and a boon for all mankind.
     This afternoon Iím going back over to Randyís to get some more books.

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