Day 2

 When I first woke up, I almost thought that the whole thing had been nothing more than a dream caused by eating too much pepperoni pizza. But when I turned on the news, the reports started coming in again right where they had left off. Since it was Saturday and I didn't have to work, I turned the t.v. back off and decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air and think about the situation. The streets seemed almost deserted as I walked toward downtown. There were a few cars going here and there, but either most of the people in town had disappeared, or everyone felt like staying home for now. As I got to the business district, a few blocks ahead I could see a small crowd of people outside the town hall, and every now and then I would hear some of them shouting. It wasn't until I got closer that I saw the reason. Some guy had gotten up on the edge of the fountain and was yelling that he knew what had happened to all the people. He claimed that Jesus had come and taken them to heaven with Him. That didn't sit too well with some of those gathered. I looked at the crowd and saw the preacher that had given the prayer at my high school graduation, so I was pretty sure this guy was way off the mark. I mean, hey, if a preacher is still here, then this guy must be wrong about Jesus coming back. Right? Besides, that was all a bunch of fairy tales that had been written thousands of years ago. Only religious nuts really believed all that. Someone shouted that if he was right, why was he still here? At that he got a sad look in his eyes and quietly replied that he didn't take it seriously enough, and now it was too late, but he wasn't going to make that mistake again. Yeah, right. Some people will believe anything. I figured it was time to go home, so I turned around and walked off.

* * * * * *
Come to think of it, though, that preacher had a funny look in his eyes. A little depressed or something. Maybe I'll just take a look at the Bible myself. Just to prove this guy's as nutty as I think he is.

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