Day 18

     Well, I finished the book about the rapture. I have to admit, between it and the ones about the end times, they are pretty convincing in light of the events of the past few weeks. Still, everything theyíre saying is based on a book that Iíve always considered to be no more reliable than a book on mythology, so the next book Iíll start on is the one about why I should believe the Bible. Itíll have to be pretty thorough to answer all of my questions and doubts about the Bible and whether itís actually the word of God or not.
     As Iíve been reading, Iíve been looking up the verses in the Bible to make sure the books arenít twisting things around or playing with the words. Today I came across a verse that sent chills down my spine. It said that all the people of the earth would see the Son of man coming on the clouds with power and great glory. As soon as I read that, a scene from a sci-fi movie I had seen a few years ago popped into my head.
     The scene was from a movie that dealt with an alien invasion of earth, just like the mediaís pet theory. In this movie the spaceships are covered by clouds before they are revealed. In this particular scene, it shows a cloud bank coming over some mountains, and in the cloud you can see fire and flashes of light. Is this why the media has latched on to this theory?? Iíve got to learn more.

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