Day 15

     I decided to start keeping this journal today. I've tried to remember everything since the day of the disappearances as well as I can (some of it's pretty hard to forget!). I'm not sure why I'm writing this stuff down, but at least it passes the time.
    Well, with what I bought at the grocery store and what I already had in the house, I’ve got about one more week’s worth of food. I’m hoping prices will go back down soon, so I don’t have to empty out my bank account just to eat. I went down to the store yesterday afternoon, and bread had gone up to twenty dollars a loaf! I decided to try to wait it out and hope the price goes down.
     I’ve been reading Randy’s book about the rapture. It sure sounds like what happened a couple of weeks ago. My first thought as I was reading it was, “how come no one every told me about this?!” When I was younger, my parents would make me go to church and Sunday school, and no one ever said anything about the rapture. Then it occurred to me that someone had told me about it, or at least tried to . . . Randy. He had mentioned it on more than one occasion, but each time I cut him off before he could even get started. I’m starting to wonder if I should have listened to him.
     The media has picked out it’s “pet theory” for the disappearances-UFO’s. Occasionally there will be a piece on one of the other theories, but it’s clear that the “alien invasion” scenario is the one that’s caught on. The World President has even started to talk about developing new weapons in order to combat the “alien threat” that he says our governments have known about for years. Two weeks ago I would’ve thought it was more believable than Jesus coming back for His people. Now I’m not so sure.
     I went down to the census station today to register and pick up my I.D. After I filled out about five different forms and showed two forms of identification, I was given a small plastic card with a magnetic strip on it. The guy behind the desk told me not to lose it, because they were in the process of setting up a food distribution system, and that card would guarantee that I would at least have the bare necessities to survive. I said I was glad to hear it, but what about if I lost the card, or if it got stolen? He said I’d be out of luck until a new one could be issued, but not to worry, because plans were already in the works to issue a new form of  I.D. that it would be impossible to lose. I wondered how an I.D. could be made to be “impossible” to lose, and he just told me to wait, because the announcement should be coming out within the next month or so.
    So, now I have an I.D. How come I don’t feel any better about it than I do?

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