Day 11

     Well, it sure didnít take the U.N. long to get the E.P. officials elected and start the wheels rolling on the new global government. The guy that was elected as World President is from one of the Eastern European countries. I can hardly pronounce his name, so Iím sure not going to try to spell it! Listening to him talk, though, he sounds like he may be a good one for the job. He gives the impression that he really cares about the people of the world and their problems. Iím sure everybody will love him. But thereís something about him, something I canít quite put my finger on. Itís almost like heís too perfect for the job. And no one Iíve talked to had ever heard of him before he was elected to office. So who is he, and where did he come from? Oh well, Iím sure once I get used to this new way of life, Iíll forget all about my misgivings about him.
     Speaking of a new way of life, the World Council of Churches had a meeting and decided to put aside the differences of the major world religions and instead to concentrate on how much theyíre all the same. They decided that, for the common good of mankind, they would put aside their traditional faiths and unite under a new global religion theyíre calling Terranism. The tenets of this new religion were that: 1)All people of the earth were brothers and sisters, and should treat each other as such; 2) The earth was our common Mother and should be cherished and cared for; 3) There is a higher being or universal force that we are all a part of; 4) Each personís path to this higher being or force was unique and no one had the right to tell another that their way was wrong.
     I had to laugh at that, because I wondered what all those fundamental Christians would think about this new religion, especially that last part. Then it occurred to me that I hadnít seen the usual religious groupies around lately. Sally, at the grocery store, who always had a smile for her customers and told each one ďGod blessĒ as they left the store, hadnít been there either time I was there. And sheís never missed a day of work since Iíve been shopping there. The old man across the street who always waved to the cars going by as he sat outside in his rocker and read his Bible hasnít been out either. Well, I guess they must have disappeared with the rest of the missing. That's too bad. I think Iím going to miss Sally.

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