The Crossroads
by Pat Worrell

My spirit and soul hover at the crossroads, waiting. We listen. Here you can hear all the way down through time and at times things roll back down the road from the future. Sometimes a flash of things to come illuminates the whole crossroads for days at a time. I have tried many different crossroads but this one is the best. Most of the other ones have bends in the road so you get echoes. Echoes are hard to listen to, so I prefer this one. The reason you can hear so well here is because the road to the past and future are absolutely straight. There may be others, I donít know, be sure and let me know if you find them.

I AM! thunders up from the past and the atmosphere shakes as the Words roll off into the future. Tornadoes and hurricanes tremble at the power in that voice. That makes me smile, trembling bullies, ha! Hours pass and serenity again settles on the crossroads.

Listen, do you hear? The sweetest voice and heavenly music drift by. Thatís David the psalmist once again pouring out his heart. Can a heart and soul weep? I tell you they can. Now listen carefully. Yes, thatís right, the music is coming from the past and the future at the same time. Stereo you might say, or surround sound would be a better description. Now think about this, only our hearts and souls are out here, must be soul music.

The marching Words seem a little closer this Ďmorn donít they? I am sure of it, if you look at the time and seasons you will know for sure. Every now and then you see a few Words go on by, and if you look far enough up the road into the future you can see them waiting there. I have been observing this for a while now. If you look when we come back in a day or two, you can see that they are closer. The future and past both getting closer, one of those paradoxes I guess. There it is though for all the world to see, I wonder why the psychicís canít see that? Selective vision, I suspect.

One day I said, Father, where does the light come from here at the crossroads? Three days later riding whispers came this word~Glory~. For three days the air was silent, vacant air, then that one word. The best things in life are worth waiting for, aren't they?

A spirit, a soul, crossroads, and whispered Glory. I often wonder why I am the only one here, there is plenty of room. Spirits and souls donít take up much room. It used to be said that everyone loves a parade and this is truly the grandest parade of all! I know that in the future many will come here to watch the future come to pass, so I guess I should be happy for the solitude. I do wonder though, what people do with their time. I would think that past and future would be very important to people, yet many spend so much time trying to forget, makes me wonder.

Watch this. Father, I need your love. Now wait. Isnít that exquisite? Surrounded by love, past, present, and future. It pulls and surrounds from every direction. Timeless, all consuming. Let me tell you a secret, you never have to ask because itís always here and itís always yours. All you have to do is accept it. Joy works the same way if you let it. You donít have to stir it up, or dance for it, or carry on, but you do have to accept it. Just do it, as the world is so fond of saying.

Let me tell you the story of how I found this crossroads. In the past I wandered around aimlesly. I would say, Lord I donít know what you want me to do. You see I was expecting some grand plan and design with my every step laid out, my every pitfall seen, my every course of action clearly defined. Ha! What a loony I was. I wouldn't do the simple things that God told me to do. I thought they were too trivial. I would get a prompt in my spirit and I would wonder for days if it was God or me. Now tell me, would I tell myself to do something that I didnít want to do? Would the devil tell me to do something that would glorify God? If I am told to do something and it is in line with the Bible, what would the harm be of me doing it?

So I started obeying, the Father would say do this or that and I would, and in due time I came to be here. It has truly been a very interesting journey. Have I been lost along the way? Of course! I was lost last week as a matter of fact, but the important thing is that I am here now. So tell me did you know before now that the crossroads existed? No, no, no, Iím not talking about your personal crossroads, Iím talking about The Crossroads. The one where past, present, and future are laid out for you to see and hear if you are willing to take the time to wait on the Lord. Oh, you wonít immediately have clarity of vision, get rid of that notion right now. I will tell you this though, if you take the time you will know a lot more than you know now. You will see more and know more and some vital things that you need to know will be there when you need them. You will just know, it is one of the best feelings you will ever have, knowing what to do.

So what do you have to lose but uncertainty? Take the time that you spend worrying and come out to the crossroads and wait on the Lord. Here are some things you will discover. You probably donít have a clue how to wait. You have let your mind roam and have free thought for far too long, but you can train it. Bring a journal with you and write down the things you hear. The more you write, the more you will hear. It just works that way, I donít know why. Judge everything you hear by the Bible. If you canít find it in the Bible, it is not from God. The Holy Spirit will teach you all things if you ask Him. Come and find me, we can listen together.

I tell you true that this world doesnít have long to live in itís present state, things are winding down. So the time to move is now, there is vital information that the Holy Spirit has that you need. You have listened to the world all your life, even your Christian life, and where has it taken you? The world has no answers, no solutions, no soul-utions either. Come on out and listen for a spell, watch, pray, but most of all get quiet before the Lord. Interesting things up and down the roads of future and past. This is a most amazing time to watch and wait, what a time and season to be alive! Iíll keep an eye out for you, so will the Holy Spirit, just whisper if you need help. No need to shout, all of future and past can hear out here at the crossroads.

Copyright © 1997 by Pat Worrell

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