Another example of Pat Worrel's wonderful work.

Deep mist of night swirls around~
Brushes on skin as Glory sparks abound.

Cavalcade of sounds just out of sight
As deep mist swirls on in the night.

Waiting patiently, watching intensely,
Listening beyond the complexity
For Him.

Oh, He is always close at hand
Not somewhere far across the land~
And yet

And yet I at times cannot always see
The Holy One inside of me.

With a rush I realize He is here
As fire and light of holiness appear!

Brilliance with no limits,
Hours blossom from minutes,

Together again into eternity
As the future rushes past I see~

The Glory that Moses saw.
I fall in worship and awe~
Of Him.

Copyright © 1998 by Pat Worrell 1/27/98

If you would like to read more of Pat's work, simply visit
Winds of Change
You won't be disappointed!

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