Dawn Alliance
The light has come to Antonica
Who We Are

We are a group of EQ2 players on the Everfrost server, both young and, um, well, not-so-young, who have gotten tired of the backbiting, name calling, and infighting that we have seen in other guilds, or in group play, and have formed a player guild with others, like ourselves, who understand some very basic things about EverQuest2:

  • First and foremost….IT’S A GAME, nothing more! Yes, everyone wants to have fun, and everyone wants to excel in his or her chosen class, but some people act like you just shot their dog or insulted their mother (or vice versa) when you make a mistake in a group with them! Having your character get killed, especially due to someone else’s mistake, is not what we consider to be the height of the gaming experience, but neither is it TEOTWAWKI (“the end of the world as we know it,” for any, um, “not-so-young” players unfamiliar with that term).
  • Next, even though it is a game, to truly enjoy a gaming experience such as this, you need to really “get into” the game. Leave real life behind and go forth and defend the realm from the forces of darkness and chaos that are seeking to overrun the land of Antonica! In the world of Norrath, anyone can be a valiant hero, or a mighty mage, from the accountant chained to his desk buried underneath the corporate structure, to the executive 20 floors above him in the corner penthouse office whose every move makes the business section. In Norrath, you are whatever you choose to make yourself. You can become a warrior or a wizard, fighter or craftsman, or any of a score of things in between. We are not a role-playing guild, however, role-playing is not discouraged for any who wish to truly immerse themselves into this fantasy world.
  • And finally, we understand that not everyone can spend twelve hours a day playing EQ2, exploring Antonica and learning the intricacies of the game. Some can, most of us can’t due to other responsibilities like work, school, family, or any number of other things. But the players who don’t have that kind of free time shouldn’t have to put up with being harassed and “flamed” by more experienced (or so they think) players just because of minor mistakes.

    That’s why we’ve formed Dawn Alliance. We want to be more than a guild. We want to be a society of like-minded players who are striving for the same goals and purposes. We will have players who are willing to take the time to teach others how to play their roles better, how to use their character’s abilities to their fullest potential, and how to become the best players possible, so that Dawn Alliance will be the best guild on the Everfrost server. We will not necessarily be the biggest guild, because membership will not be granted to everyone who asks, but we will be the best.
    What we will not have are guild members who “go off” on others in their group because they make mistakes. We understand that everyone “loses it” occasionally, and that’s to be expected. Everyone has a bad day once in a while. What we expect from our members is that, on the rare occasion that they say or do something they shouldn’t, they are mature enough to realize their error and to apologize for what they may have said or done. Any members that exhibit a continuing tendency toward this type of unacceptable behavior, however, will be subject to guild discipline, possibly even expulsion from the guild.
    If, after reading this far, you’re still interested in joining Dawn Alliance, check out the rest of the site to find out more about us and how we operate.

    Hierarchy and Guild Structure

    The guild structure consists of a four-member Ruling Council, comprised of one member of each of the four archetypes. Next are Class Trainers, one from each of the classes, for a total of twelve. After the Trainers are the regular members of the guild. Initially, while our numbers are low, one character, or one player with multiple characters, may fill more than one office. However, once there are enough qualified guild members for each office, each player will be limited to one office, regardless of the number of characters he or she may have. This will prevent one or two players from monopolizing the authority in the guild. The duties and responsibilities of the Ruling Council and Class Trainers are outlined below:

    Ruling Council

    The Ruling Council deals primarily with the running of the guild (guild advancement, financial matters, guild discipline, etc…). Level and expertise at one’s class position is not a requirement for the Council. Impartiality and good judgment are. Attention to the affairs of the guild and ascertaining what courses of action best serve to advance the guild (regardless of personal feelings) are the primary responsibility of the Council members. Members of the Ruling Council will, as a part of their office, be guild patrons as well.

    Current Council members:

  • Guild Master Dizz Arrowreign (scout)
  • Guild Master Stormhawke Darkslayer (fighter)
  • Guild Master (mage)
  • Guild Master (priest)

    Class Trainers

    Class Trainers do just that--train the members in their class and the subclasses underneath them. They also give their recommendation to the Ruling Council as to whether a guild petitioner or supplicant should be granted full guild membership or not after a suitable review period. For these positions, experience, expertise, impartiality, willingness to teach others, and character judgment are very important. Additionally, a Class Trainer for any of the four classes with two sub-classes (warriors, for example) may, at their discretion, appoint another guild member to serve as a trainer for the other sub-class. (For example, a Warrior Class Trainer who is a berserker may appoint a sub-class trainer who is a guardian, which is the other sub-class available to warriors.) This also applies to Class Trainers for Sorcerers, Druids, and Bards. The sub-class trainer reports to the Class Trainer, who then reports directly to the Ruling Council. Please take note that the Class Trainer is still responsible for the actions of any sub-class trainer he or she may appoint.
    The duties of the Class Trainers include:

  • Recruiting other members of their class for the guild;
  • Evaluating the performance and attitude of potential guild members in their class to determine suitability for membership, and;
  • Dealing with any problems involving unacceptable conduct on the part of any of the members of his or her class, whether on an individual basis or by bringing the matter to the attention of the Ruling Council.

    Any Class Trainers or member of the Ruling Council may nominate players for membership, but it will be the nominee’s potential Class Trainer who will evaluate the player’s performance and attitude, and then present their recommendation either for or against membership to the Council, who will then take their opinion into consideration when determining whether or not to grant a candidate full guild membership. Only Class Trainers and the Ruling Council can formally nominate a player for membership, and only the Ruling Council has the authority to grant or deny membership. If a regular member of the guild knows of someone he or she thinks would make a good addition to the guild (and who wants to be a member of Dawn Alliance), they should give the name of the character to their Class Trainer, who will then contact the player in question to begin the evaluation period.
    The Ruling Council will appoint Class Trainers initially. Later, a system of merit and/or class voting will be established to determine Trainer positions. Preferably, Class Trainers will be level 20 or higher, however that is not a requirement for the position if the candidate can demonstrate a skilled knowledge of the class in question. Class Trainers will, as a part of their office, be guild patrons as well.

    Current Class Trainers:

  • Enchanter Adept to be filled
  • Summoner Adept to be filled
  • Sorcerer Adept to be filled

  • High Cleric to be filled
  • High Shaman to be filled
  • High Druid to be filled

  • Brawler Champion to be filled
  • Crusader Champion to be filled
  • Warrior Champion Stormhawke Darkslayer

  • Rogue Proficient to be filled
  • Predator Proficient Dizz Arrowreign
  • Bard Proficient to be filled

    Guild Members

    In order to be considered for membership into Dawn Alliance, a petitioner must have attained level 10. This way, they will have chosen their class and will be able to be placed underneath the appropriate Class Trainer. This will also allow “younger” characters to learn more about the sub-classes by asking questions of the Class Trainer before having to make the decision about which sub-class they wish to become. All members, from the Ruling Council to the regular members are expected to adhere to a firm Code of Conduct, which is explained below.

    Code of Conduct and Guild Discipline

    If you’ve read this far, you should already have a fairly accurate idea of what we expect from our members as far as personal conduct is concerned. The following is a more complete list of what is considered to be unacceptable conduct:

  • Verbally attacking or abusing other players, whether members of Dawn Alliance or not;
  • Bad mouthing other guilds or members of other guilds;
  • Bad mouthing any particular class, sub-class, or group;
  • When in a group, whether comprised of guild members or not, doing anything that unnecessarily puts the group in jeopardy, or results in experience debt due to the death of the player, or by causing the death of any other player in the group (for example, a level 16 or 17 player who leaves his group on the first level of Stormhold and tries to run down to level 2 or 3 to engage a high level mob, and gets themselves killed, or gets one or more of the group members killed when they run down to try to assist him or her). Sacrificing yourself to allow your group to escape an encounter that has gone bad is noble, doing something foolish and getting yourself (or someone else) killed is not.
  • Excessive on-screen profanity or vulgarity. This is simply a matter of consideration for other players who may not appreciate “hearing” that sort of language, or who may have children who are watching them play, and thereby seeing language to which the parent may not wish them exposed.

    Verbally attacking or abusing other guild members, or even non-members, will not be tolerated. We realize that it is easy to get frustrated on occasion, and if a player needs to vent, that is understandable. However, such “venting” is not to be directed at any particular player, class, or group. Should the frustrated player lose his or her self-control and “flame” another player out of frustration, he or she is expected to immediately and sincerely apologize to that player.
    Any player who displays a pattern of repeatedly engaging in any of the activities listed above should be reported to his or her Class Trainer. If the player is reported for the same violation on two separate occasions, by two or more different players, the Class Trainer will then discuss the issue with the player in question. If this does not resolve the problem and the reports continue to come in, the Class Trainer will report the player to the Ruling Council, who will then contact the player to set up a time to discuss the issue. At this point, the player will be considered to have been reprimanded and will be on probation for two weeks. If the same player is brought before the Ruling Council for any disciplinary action within the two-week probationary period, he or she will be expelled from the guild along with any alternate characters he or she may have in the guild. If the player refuses to report to the Ruling Council after being summoned, expulsion will be immediate, even on the first offense.

    Guild Membership

    Any member who knows of another player that they feel would be a good addition to Dawn Alliance (and who wishes to be a member), or any member who is approached by another player asking for membership should relay the player’s character name to the Class Trainer in charge of the player’s class. In the event the appropriate Class Trainer is not available, the member may give the name to any other Class Trainer, or to a member of the Ruling Council. The player will then be contacted, and will begin the evaluation period.
    During the evaluation period, the candidate for membership will join other members of Dawn Alliance in groups for game-play. If the player is of similar level to their potential Class Trainer, they should group at least once with the Class Trainer. Any guild members who play in a group with the candidate should report their impressions of the player to the Class Trainer.
    The evaluation period will continue for a period of no longer than two weeks. However, the Class Trainer can decide at any point during the evaluation period whether to recommend or not recommend the player to the Ruling Council for membership. If the Class Trainer is unable to decide whether to recommend the player or not at the end of the two-week period, the Ruling Council will ask other members who know, or have grouped with, the player to give their impressions of him or her in order to decide whether or not to grant membership to the player.

    Guild Dues

    Currently we are not charging guild dues. However, once we establish a Guild House, the amount of dues required from each player will be the equivalent of ¼ of your level in silver pieces per week for any member above level 15. (Example: A level 16 player would pay 4 sp per week. A level 20 would pay 5 sp per week, and so on…) With enough players this amount should be more than sufficient to cover house fees, while not placing an overbearing financial burden on any members. Extra dues will be used to furnish the guild house and possibly to purchase armor and equipment for our younger members, with preference being given to guild member merchants.

    General Gameplay

    Whenever possible, we encourage our members to group with other members, or offer assistance to fellow guild members when needed (quests, questions, shard recovery, etc…). We realize that this is not always possible. Different classes have different quests and such, but if possible, help out fellow guild mates. After all, you may be need help sometime from another member.
    Also, while we cannot control the market, we would ask any craftsman, outfitters, or other artisans to give a modest discount to fellow guild members. We cannot and would not enforce such a request, as it is up to the individual members to determine how much compensation they require for a certain item. But, again, we would encourage members to give preferential treatment to fellow guild members.
    Also, please reserve the guild channel to comments for the entire guild, or for conversations involving more than two guild members. If the conversation is only between yourself and one other member, please use the /tell command. Sometimes important messages can get lost amid the chatter of a busy guildchat channel.
    Finally, remember when you are out in the land of Antonica that you are representing Dawn Alliance and everything that we stand for. Please conduct yourself accordingly when dealing with both members and non-members.
    Once a Guild House is established, we would also encourage our members to set up their merchants in the guild house. Again, this is not a requirement, simply a request to add more atmosphere to the guild house.